Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weasley Hats...

Love is in the air...
Love is not always joyful and full of hearts and flowers. Sometimes it
is the love that is lost that speaks loudest...

The February 2009 Craft Challenge at Harry Potter Crafts on Yahoo groups:

"Craft one item that represents your favourite relationship in the
world of Harry Potter. This relationship can be romantic(couples)
or platonic(friends)."

When the poll was posted on creative writing as a craft, I pulled up my trusty word processor and quickly wrote this story. I had had the idea in my mind for quite a while to make a Weasley hat, and this story explains the beginnings of this hat.

So, in memory of Fred Weasley, and for the love of his mother, here is
my challenge...

"Weasley Hats"

Molly Weasley pulled the jumper from the box on the sofa. It was the
last box of Fred's things that she had promised George she would go
over, and either discard or donate to the Poor Wizards Fund.
She laid it out on the arm of her chair, and smoothed out the wrinkles.
The large letter "F" that she had carefully worked in soft wool yarn,
the softly turned collar, the reinforced patches that she had sewn on
the elbows... She lifted it to her face, feeling the soft scratchiness
of the wool, and the smell of...
She still had days when she almost forgot that he was gone. Days when
she saw George and called him Fred. She held the jumper to her heart,
and remembered the day Fred had chided her for calling him Fred, when
she should know he was George, then laughed when she corrected herself
and called him George.
"Only joking, I am Fred!" She had laughed, too, in spite of herself.
The two of them were always making her laugh.
Molly pulled out her scissors and began cutting away at the jumper's
seams. She separated each piece and laid it aside, until it was
reduced to a pile of parts. Two sleeves, a front and a back. She
unraveled the yarn slowly and lovingly, setting each finished ball
into the knitting basket that sat on the floor by her chair.
She took the first ball into her hands and selected a set of knitting
needles. She usually set the needles to knitting by themselves, but
today she wanted the feel of them, of the yarn, running through her
fingers, as if she were touching Fred, George, Percy, Ron, Charlie,
Bill, Ginny, and Arthur.
She worked on through the afternoon, stitch by stitch, and from time
to time a tear fell slowly down her cheek and landed on the wool. It
was deepening into evening when Arthur appeared in the fireplace,
tired and sagging after a busy day at the Ministry.
"Molly?" He stepped out of the fire and stood beside her chair. She
laid down her needles and reached up to touch his cheek.
"Arthur. Is it that late already?"
"Yes, dear," he said, smiling gently. "I hope you don't mind, but I
just want a sandwich and a cup of tea. I'll make them myself, you keep
"Oh, all right, dear."
She went back to her knitting and continued into the night. One by one
she laid the finished pieces on the table by the sofa.
Hats, with softly turned brims, and letters on each one. Eight of them.
Part of Fred, one for each of them.

She washed and blocked them on the kitchen table. Then, when they were
dry, she wrapped each one in tissue paper and tied a strand of
leftover yarn around them.
She would not wait till Christmas to deliver them. She apparated to
each of her children's homes and to Hogwarts (Ginny was in her seventh
year) to give them each her gifts.
The Weasley family wore the hats for many years, before they tucked
them, one by one, into safe places. They would take them out every
now and then, and remember Fred, and the love of a mother who took her
sadness and knitted it into love.

For all those who asked for the pattern...

The pattern is amazingly simple.
Yarn is Vanna's choice in desired colors. On size six circular needles, check gauge, it should be 7st=2in. Size is for approximately 22-25 in head. Cast on circular needle 76 st, join and work stockinette stitch, in the round, for 10 rows. On 11th row, let bottom edge of work curl up, and catch the back of the first row stitch, then the 10th row st, and knit these two together. Repeat this around, and this forms the rolled brim of the hat. Continue to work stockinette st in the round for about 9 in. On last row, k2tog all st around, then cut yarn with about 12 inches from last st. Draw the yarn with a yarn needle through all stitches, and gather tightly, and secure yarn by knotting and sewing end in. Weave beginning yarn end into brim to hide. With scrap yarn, work duplicate st initial on front.

BTW- I used yarn from a sweater that my dog refused to wear, so this hat was recycled like Molly's hats!


Isdihara said...

Ohmygoodness, that is quite possibly the most touching HP fanfic story I have ever read. And I HAVE to (yes, have to) knit one of these hats in honor of Fred.

Would you be willing to share the pattern? I'm a beginner-level knitter and not sure if I could create it (or one at all) without instructions to follow...

Thank you so much for your contest entry. It touched my heart!

KatNorris said...

I have now included the pattern for the Weasley Hats. If anyone makes one let me know how it turns out, and if there are any problems with the pattern.

I'm a Ravenclaw!