Saturday, August 23, 2008

The newest member of the family...

May I present the newest member of our family, Snert's brother, Mr. Tibbles , Tibby for short.

He is about seven months old, and came to us courtesy of my sister, Barbita. Tibby had been hanging around their place, and as much as they tried to shoo him away to the farm next door, he refused to budge from his shelter under their trailer cart.

They called the ASPCA, but around here, there are too many cats for them to handle, and you have to make an appointment to take one in. They were told it would be at least 2 weeks before they could bring the poor thing in, and in the meantime, he was literally starving to death.

Finally, Barb talked Mom into taking him (after she had sworn not to take on another pet- same as she did before we got Snerty).

He was nothing but skin and bones and fur. Lots of fur. As in shedding fur. At the rate he is going, we reckon he will be bald by Christmas.

He is slowly gaining weight, but is still thin for his age. It did not help any that we had to starve him for a day so we could get him...hmm-hmm...fixed.

He definitely looks a lot healthier than he did a month ago, though.

We wondered at first how Snert would take the new addition, considering his only exposure to cats was the neighbor's brood, which we had done nothing to discourage him chasing away. He seemed all right that first evening, and sniffed him curiously.

But then after Barb and Chris left, we tried to feed the poor starving waif, and Snert went berserk! He lunged at him, growling like I had never heard him do. Poor Tibby hid under the sofa in fear, while we scolded Snerty.

We decided we could not risk feeding Tibbs when Snert was around.

We watched them whenever they were together, and slowly they called a truce. We have to watch out when we feed them, though, as they try to eat each other's food.

When it came time to take Tibby to the vet for the... hmm-hmm...procedure, poor Snert moped around the house all day, looking everywhere for his bro.

When we finally brought him home again, Snert sniffed him thoroughly, as if to say, "yeah, they did that to me, too".

The two of them are fast friends, now, and both of them like to follow Mom around wherever she goes. She says we should have named him "Shadow". Well, wasn't that what the original Mr. Tibbles was, Harry's "shadow"? I think the name is perfect.

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