Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost friends...

Along the path of my life I have had many friends, some good, some close, some just in passing. But I have lost a dear friend and I don't know where to find her. Her leaving has left a hole in my heart that at times seems as big as Lake Erie.

She came into my life at work, then when our work paths diverged, we held on to our friendship. She came to this area several years ago, leaving behind a crime ridden, drug infested city life.

She found joy in the close up view of nature like she had never known. She would speak of seeing a deer or pheasant by the roadside, that to me was oh so common in my life, being the country girl that I am. "But I've never seen a deer," she would say, amazed that I should be so nonchalant about it. Her son also would stop by the road to look at the wonders of nature that we country folk took for granted.

But the day after Thanksgiving she called while I was at work, and my mother took the message.

"We miss NJ, and we are going home." They would be staying with friends, and would let me know when they had settled in to a place of their own.

But it is now May, and I have not heard from them, and I wonder if I ever will. She is in her 70's, and I worry that she may pass away, and I will not know.

My heart is broken, and I don't know how to fix it.

Where are you, Janice?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yes, I know...

Its been nearly 5 months since I posted last. No excuse.
I have been very busy, craft-wise. I have done swaps, and have not posted here, for which I am heartily sorry.
I did the HPCrafts ATC swap, and this is what I made...

The theme was Valentines. I did a handmade envelope, and a card that was a sheath for a pull out greeting. Outside I did my Ravenclaw house crest which I designed myself, and a motto that was a play on the Ravenclaw motto of "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure", which became "Love beyond measure is a friend's greatest treasure".
I did a Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley shopping trip swap, and sent my partner Zara a knit/felted dragon, which I dyed with green Kool-aid,

some of my HP mini book/notebooks,

some Weasley's Wizard Wheezes treats,

and a cursed "opal" necklace a la Borgin and Burkes, which I made using polymer clay for the opal beads.

Zara sent me the most beautiful knitted and felted witches hat

It was midnight blue with crystal beads strewn over it and a crystal and chain band. It fit perfectly and came just in time to wear for my HP birthday party. It is modeled after the hat that Fred and George gave to their mother for Christmas in HBP.
She also sent me a set of potions in a portable carrying case,

some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans -sugar free, a set of beaded knit stitch markers,

and a hand knitted sock bookmark.

Oh, and an antique potion bottle pendant necklace, from Borgin and Burkes.
My sister was really drooling all over it at my B-day party, and let me know (as if I had forgotten) that her birthday was 5 days after mine (hint hint).
Well, I gave in to her whining, especially after I figured out how to make the pendants myself! The necklace went real nicely with the outfit she was wearing, and I do like to give things to those I care about.
I will be participating in another ATC swap for the month of May. The theme is Hogwarts summer vacation. I might do something like postcards from Hogwarts teachers. I have a mental image of Dumbledore water skiing = P.

I'm a Ravenclaw!