Saturday, October 13, 2007


I feel miserable. I have a head cold that is making me sleepy(medication or loss of sleep?), out of sorts, and just plain cranky. I am still getting used to the new work schedule, so my sleep is still out of sync. I do find myself waking up at about 8am on my days off, so I am getting with it physically, but I have been an evening person for so long, I am having trouble telling myself to GO TO BED!
I do some of my best work in the evening hours, and that is when I am most creative. It was a bit of a problem at work, because I was getting great crafty ideas, but was not at a place where I could follow my creatve muses.
I took to carrying a small notebook in my pocket, and would write down ideas I had. When I was sitting doing close observation on patients, my mind would race with ideas, and I would plan out craft projects, knitting patterns, shopping lists, stories, and sometimes just intricate patterns (doodles).
I am on notebook # 4, and that is just since last winter. One of them was compromised when I fell in a creek (don't was stupid...), but the others are still in pretty good shape, despite being in my pocket day after day.
I went shopping at a LYS (Local Yarn Shop for all you non-knitters) the other day, and am proud to say, I got enough yarn to satisfy my cravings, and kept the purchase under $60. I bought some Taos wool for a felted bag...pattern yet to be determined. I got some Panda Cotton in nice variegated blues and green, and some Panda Wool in a pretty teal. Both are for socks, the teal for a pattern I am designing myself, and the other for a generic sock.
I found a skein of Panda Cotton in a color called Red Cinnamon, but there was only one, and I needed two for socks. I wanted it for a pair of the Socktopia pattern called Fawkes, after the Harry Potter phoenix. I am going to see if I can find any online...

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