Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Its been too long...

I haven't posted lately, and I have no real excuse. I am on vacation and am spending it cleaning, mostly. I have been doing some major reorganizing (actually they were never really organized to start with) of my things.

I received two tear-jerker emails today. The first was from my cousin Jeannie's husband, Jerry. He told of Jeannie's passing on Sunday. She was one month short of her 61st birthday, much too young in this age of 70-80+ lifespans.

Jeannie was my 4th cousin, and I came to know her in the course of our genealogy work. She sent me a fat letter with the return address labeled"Your cousin Jeannie..." I had no idea who she was at the time, but I had emailed another cousin a few days before about an inquiry he had made at the local historical society, concerning mutual relative he was researching. He in turn contacted Jeannie, and she sent me pictures and copies of documents that I would not have been able to find without her.

My aunt Betty and I went up to her home just north of Buffalo, and she pulled out dozens and dozens of newspaper clippings and photos that her grandmother had collected over many years, concerning family and friends. It was a true treasure trove!

Jeannie was a truly delightful woman, and a very family oriented person. She and her husband looked after their parents with such devotion. Jeannie's Mom is still living at nearly 97 years old, and I am sure Jerry will take good care of her, but Jeannie won't be there.

Though I did not see Jeannie often, I will remember her with fondness.

The second email was a sappy one from my neice, Mandi. She is not one to write sentimental stuff, but at the age of (almost) 21, she has been taking stock of her life, and reached out to her friends and family to express her love. She has been through a lot in her life, and has come through it to become a young woman that I am so proud of.

By the time I was done replying to these two emails, I was a drippy ball of tears, as you can imagine.

Well, now, it is getting late, and my bed is calling me...

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Scarlett said...

I have been rather nostalgic myself lately. Maybe it is fall weather brings vivid memories.

I'm a Ravenclaw!